About Xena

Hi, I’m Xena Kai.

I love to research, plan and investigate. I am a type-A perfectionist and go-getter.

My hope is to help make your life simple by curating the BEST high-quality clothing pieces at the right price point.

I am your go-to girlfriend for all things in luxury affordable fashion and elegant seasonal style. With a twist of chic and modern.

Let’s Get Real:

  • My favorite thing to eat is margherita pizza topped with a ton of crushed red pepper.
  • I have a longhaired dachshund that I am OBSESSED with! Her name is Lunafreya.
  • I am the dictionary definition of an introvert. I can stay at home and work on my hobbies for long periods of time. I have no problem with being in solitude!
  • I am a retired glamour model. I have been the cover model and centerfold in numerous glamour magazines throughout the years.
  • I am engaged to the love of my life! We will be getting married in three weeks and I am so excited.
  • I LOVE to plan! I research and plan EVERYTHING.
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