How To Look Rich On A Budget

How To Look Rich On A Budget

Here are three easy tips to look rich on a budget

One Thing You NEED To Do to look Rich on a budget

1-Looking rich isn’t about showing brands. Take a look at the character billionaire Shiv Roy in “Succession”. She always looks put together and her outfits look expensive even though you don’t know what brands she is wearing.

To look rich, you need to pick clothing made of quality material. Opt for natural fibers such as cashmere, and silk. Here’s a cashmere sweater I got for $59 and a silk skirt that was only $39 both from @OneQuince

Tip 2- Wear Jewelry. Doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, m engagement ring and bracelets are expensive but this gold plated necklace from Jaxxon looks like I spent way more than it costs.

Tip 3- Real Leather shoes and a leather bag. As long as it’s real leather and not PU leather, you’ll look rich. 

Silk Skirt and Cashmere Turtleneck
Final Look!

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